Sunday menu     



Open Sandwiches  ”Smørrebrød”         100,- per pcs.

All sandwiches are served on organic rye bread from Lagkagehuset, (we recommend 2-3 pcs. pr person )

Christmas herring, raw onion,egg, capers, dill and cress 

Curry marinated herring, apple, raw onion, capers, dill and cress

Fried herring, mustard, red onion, capers and dill

Organic egg and shrimps, lemon mayonnaise, dill and cress

Cured salmon with warm spices, apple-sellery mayonnaise and sweet mustard powder 

Smoked salmon, egg salad with truffle and marinated salad

Fried plaice, with remoulade, raw carrot, dill and vinegar powder

Fried plaice, shrimps, lemon mayonnaise, raw carrot, dill and vinegar powder (+25,-)

Cured duck breast, pickled lingonberries, lingonberry jam, thyme and horseradish creme

Warm liver paté, fried musrooms, apple, ventrèche, pickled and jellied beet root

Chicken salad and mushrooms, apple, celery, parsley and ventreche bacon

Roast beef, horseradish, fried onions and pickles

Beef tartar, raw beetroot, horseradish-mayonnaise, pickled cucumber and egg yolk (fresh)


Cheese & Dessert

Selection of Danish or European cheeses with toasted rye bread and pickled apricot, 4 pieces 135,-

Layer cake with hazelnut praline , cream and whipped cream 75,- pr pcs.

Chocolate fondant with orange caramel, nut streusel and vanilla ice cream 100,-

Varm apple tarte tatin with creme fraiche, prune ice cream, Armagnac and "cinnamon snow" 100,-

Christmas parfait with pistachio, marzipan and chocolate, fresh orange and eggnog 100,-

Marzipan cake 50,-    Chocolate chip cookie 25,-     Homemade sweets 6 pcs. 65,-   




Cold drinks

Sodas (Coca cola, Coca cola Zero, Orangina) 38,-

Juices from Møn (apple, elderflower, rhubarb, sparkling raspberry, sparkling lemonade) 40,-

Filtered water, still or sparkling 30,- per pers.

Small draft beer 25 cl (Pilsner, IPA or Classic) 35,-

Large draft beer 40 cl (Pilsner, IPA or Classic) 60,-

Bottle beer from Møn (Brown ale, Wheat, Nordfeld guld) 55,-

Alkoholfree beer (Carlsberg Nordic, Svaneke Pale ale, Erdinger, Heineken, Nøgne Ø with lime) 40,-


Hot drinks

Organic black coffee, 45 ,- pr. Person

Cafe latte single 40,-

Cappuccino 40,-

Espresso 30,-

Cortado 35,-

Macchiato 35,-

All coffees are made with single shot, Extra shot 10,-

The fra Perch (Hvid tempel te, Grøn te med kvæde, Sort morgen te, Kamille te ) 45,-

Hot chocolate with whipped cream 65,- (only served on Sundays)

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